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Opening of the road

The road is closed during the winter months due to the heavy snow that falls which makes it either entirely blocked, or unsafe even in those area which are not actually blocked.  Generally the opening is considered to be Memorial day and the closing ti be Labor day however these are only a guide.  In practice the actual weather conditions each year and observed by park staff to make the decision on when the road should be closed.

To find out the current status of the road opening call 970-627-3471 (open from 8am-4:30pm) to ask whether the road in spring and autumn months are opened.

Although the road is most comfortable during the summer months if you want to really appreciate the snowy alpine atmosphere then visiting in May or just when the road has opened will provide the more impressive scenery.


Out of the open season there are still things to see at Trail Ridge Road.  The closure of the road actually only occurs around or just past Many Parks Curve so if you can visit that lookout point you’ll have some great views already.

Lookout points

Famed for its views all along the road there are nevertheless some key points that shouldn't be missed, and which are great places to stop for that photo op:

  • Deer Ridge Junction
  • Hidden Valley
  • Beaver Ponds East
  • Many Parks Curve
  • Rainbow Curve
  • Forest Canyon
  • Rock Cut
  • Tundra Communities
  • Iceburg Pass
  • Lava Cliffs
  • Highest Point
  • Gore Range
  • Alpine Visitor Center
  • Medicine Bow Curve
  • Milner Pass
  • Continental Divide
  • Lake Irene
  • Fairview Curve

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