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About trail ridge road

Recognised by the Federal Government as a Tourist National Scenic Byway its 48 mile length includes 11 miles which are above the tree line and are climatologically part of the arctic. Here you will find views, wildlife and plants which are otherwise only visible if you were to visit the article circle. Where else can you find tundra, elk and moose an easy drive away from comfortable accommodation in town? The highest point of the road is 12,181 feet above sea level. .


Having been long impressed by the tourist center which is trail ridge road it was decided that there should be a definitive web site providing information to visitors.  This is it!

About Proposed trail ridge road Association

Trail Ridge Road Proposed Association statement

The website supports and encourages an interest in trade on the trail ridge road on behalf of the shops and stall holders.

Since 2012 has offered to represent the interests and welfare of businesses in the trail ridge road.  It is planned that the site can be a centre to share information about activities, business development, promotion and marketing on the road . aims to preserve, promote, improve and facilitate businesses on trail ridge road.

If successful will organize promotional events for visitors and tourists to trail ridge road, for example there is a proposal to have a Christmas Event as well as an Outdoor Art Fair with a Contest.  These would be annual events intended to attract interest from around the world, create publicity for the vendors and businesses on the road  and generally create a more prosperous business environment.

Stakeholders in trail ridge road including business owners, stall operators and so on are invited to be associates of so that it can become a more substantial force for the good of all.  It is planned that there should be 60 members to form an Association and that this should include owners and management of shops and stalls, as well as nearby attractions and facilities for visitors and tourists such as hotels and restaurants. is a privately owned and managed organization not associated with the national parks service.

The intention has always been to encourage involvement with people who are passionate about the potential for trail ridge road to become an international tourists destination.  Tourists, local shoppers as well as shop owners and managers are invited to participate.

When fully incorporated the proposed Association will aim to:

  • Study and improve the economic situation of trail ridge road, through the use of surveys and targeted promotions and marketing.
  • Promote healthy business practices in conjunction with Colorado Department of Tourism, and the Colorado council.
  • Motivate and encourage residents and management to develop and manage the potential of the road .
  • Be a point of contact to encourage new business alliances and special cooperation between stakeholders.
  • Represent businesses on the road  in negotiations with Government.

If you would like to put forward ideas to participate in the proposed association please contact us.

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Lookout points

Famed for its views all along the road there are nevertheless some key points that shouldn't be missed, and which are great places to stop for that photo op:

  • Deer Ridge Junction
  • Hidden Valley
  • Beaver Ponds East
  • Many Parks Curve
  • Rainbow Curve
  • Forest Canyon
  • Rock Cut
  • Tundra Communities
  • Iceburg Pass
  • Lava Cliffs
  • Highest Point
  • Gore Range
  • Alpine Visitor Center
  • Medicine Bow Curve
  • Milner Pass
  • Continental Divide
  • Lake Irene
  • Fairview Curve

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